The Calomini Hermitage reopens to the public.

The Calomini Hermitage reopens to the public. Finally after a long period or partial closure, from the month of June it is accessible to the public again. Opening times 8 am – 8 pm, entrance is free. To better understand … Read More

Walks from Le Capanne

The Calomini Religious Retreat

This ancient religious retreat, where the Madonna appeared in a vision to a young shepherdess, sits perched against an impressive sheer rock face. The Religious Retreat of Calomini is on the road to Vergemoli, north of Gallicano. The retreat, with … Read More

Discover the Garfagnana, from Grotta del Vento to Castelvecchio

An itinerary from the town of Gallicano to Grotta del Vento, hugging the Turrite River, which offers scenes of rare beauty: don’t miss the town of Verni, the medieval fortress of Trassilico, the hermitage of Calomini, or the Lake of … Read More