In the surroundings of Le Capanne: Fornovolasco

A picturesque village situated at the bottom of a narrow valley at the confluence of three streams. As the crow flies it is about 600 metres from the Grotta del Vento (2,5 km of road and about 1 km. of … Read More

The Calomini Hermitage reopens to the public.

The Calomini Hermitage reopens to the public. Finally after a long period or partial closure, from the month of June it is accessible to the public again. Opening times 8 am – 8 pm, entrance is free. To better understand … Read More

Welcome where Tuscany meets the sky: Garfagnana

60 seconds of Garfagnana…

Walks from Le Capanne

Cycling routes starting from Le Capanne

Seven beautiful cycling routes (all asphalt and with different difficulties) starting from Le Capanne.

Grottorotondo loop

Easy hike in very scenic places of the Second World War where many pages of our Apuan history were written. Quota 1068 Grottorotondo at the foot of the Panie group is the new path with trenches and shelters opened thanks … Read More

Photo gallery July 2021 – Bruno Lavit Photography

We had the honor of having as our guest the French photographer Bruno Lavit who gave us these wonderful photos.

Sentiero della Libertà of Monte Rovaio

The itinerary starts from the votive chapel of Piglionico (1127 m asl), dedicated to the Commander Leandro Puccetti and the other 18 boys of the Gruppo Valanga, who fell during the battle of Monte Rovaio (27 August 1944)   The … Read More

Tuscany, never-ending renaissance

Discover the pleasure of living Tuscany in an active way, including hiking, sports and adventure.