Photo gallery July 2021 – Bruno Lavit Photography

We had the honor of having as our guest the French photographer Bruno Lavit who gave us these wonderful photos.

Activities in Garfagnana: mountain bike

The Garfagnana valley is also an ideal area to explore by mountain bike, especially at the lower altitudes. In fact, a whole series of mule tracks allow you to pass through the various villages from where you can get to … Read More

Garfagnana wild emotions

A beautiful short film about Garfagnana made by Daniele Cecchi.

MTB excursion at sunset

A beautiful MTB excursion with our guests, John from England and Stefan from Germany. Distance: 25 Km Total ascent: 1.000 mt Highest point: 1.056 mt Rideable: 90% Unpaved and Single Track: 40% Difficulty: medium / high Le Capanne, Calomini, Brucciano, … Read More

Last minute in Garfagnana, North of Tuscany

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“Grotta del Vento” on Google Maps Street View

From today, thanks to Google Maps Street View, users from all over the world will be able to admire the Grotta del Vento in Garfagnana. Click here for a virtual tour.

The Calomini Religious Retreat

This ancient religious retreat, where the Madonna appeared in a vision to a young shepherdess, sits perched against an impressive sheer rock face. The Religious Retreat of Calomini is on the road to Vergemoli, north of Gallicano. The retreat, with … Read More

Castles and forts in Garfagnana

A tour of the forts and fortresses in Garfagnana takes the visitor back in time to the Medieval period. Due to its important strategic position, the Garfagnana area has been a much sought after and fought over territory throughout history. … Read More

Hike on the Pania della Croce

A nice hike on the Pania del Croce with the Van Putten family and the Emery family. Here are some photos.