The Garfagnana valley is also an ideal area to explore by mountain bike, especially at the lower altitudes. In fact, a whole series of mule tracks allow you to pass through the various villages from where you can get to the valley bottom in order to reach the Lucca – Aulla railway line. On this line, you can take advantage of the bike transport service.


The love for my land and the desire to share with everyone the passion for MTB led me to become a MTB Guide at the National Mountain Bike Academy.
The itineraries that I propose are both for experienced cyclists and for beginners and can be customized in relation to your requests and needs.
In my outings I will try to make you discover the most hidden and characteristic corners of the area, it is accompanied by the tasting of typical products, it captures your attention and your desire to return soon.

To contact me for information or subscriptions to the releases:
Tel. 3477542792 (also SMS or WhatsApp)

If you want to take a look at my routes click here.

See you soon!

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